This brand new 2020 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 named Waiaroha (Maori for the Love of Water) has dual helms with a walkway allowing you to sail the boat without climbing over your family and friends. With comfort and space for everyone, you’ll be ready to cruise in style. She even has an electric refrigerator in the cockpit.


Equipped with the performance pack, which includes carbon fiber wheels, a taller mast, and carbon sails, and a performance tuning rig, this is one fast yacht!


Waiaroha has a nearly Tesla sized battery bank capable of running the AC throughout your cruise and even overnight, keeping the cabin comfortable.

During the hot Texas summer afternoons, guests have the option of going below to cool off. With no need to run a generator to have AC all night throughout the 3 cabin and 1 head layout along with a full kitchen, overnighting on Lake Travis has never been more luxurious.

Waiaroha has dual rudders and a bow thruster to make maneuvering under power easy and fun.

Oh, did we mention she has a wine cellar beneath the sole in the galley???


Waiaroha has Lake Travis’ first Integrel system which is actually one of the first in North America too! Integrel is a fully automatic power generation, storage, conversion, and distribution system that completely replaces a stand-alone generator by using spare capacity from your inboard engine to charge a large lithium-ion battery bank.

With 21kWh of stored lithium-ion energy, you can run the A/C, electric stove, and heck even a coffee maker, all while underway on the lake. Now those 100+ degree days won’t keep you off the lake, or out of the cabin. There is enough power to run the A/C overnight, so the sailing season in Austin will truly never end on this boat.

The Name

Waiaroha, hmm what does that mean? Check out our blog post for all the details. But tl;dr the name is Maori (Native New Zealander) for love of water or the way of love. A few years ago we took a trip to New Zealand and fell in love with the people and the places. Sailing is so prolific there, the connection was forever etched in my mind. So choosing a name in remembrance of that adventure was just obvious. It is really nice when some things come easily.