Dreaming of being your own captain?

Sailing your friends and family in exotic destinations around the world?

Charter companies require on the water and overnight experience on a boat similar in size to what you will charter. But how do you get experience for a charter without being able to charter a boat? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

To become a competent sailor, you need theoretical knowledge and on-the-water skills and on-the-water experience. The learning experience on Waiaroha incorporates all three. Our sailing school is designed so that you can gain the skill sets, knowledge, and experience on a large charter ready yacht.

Our philosophy is centered on building competence. For this reason, we have chosen to affiliate with NauticEd, the world’s most advanced sailing education program. NauticEd uses 21st century eLearning programs combined with practical competency training and assessments and is recognized by the US Coast Guard as meeting (and exceeding) the American National Standards for sailing education — EDU-3.  No other program in the world can match this skill set based training. Classes are online and self-paced and allow you to review with a laser focus on any section you desire.

Go ahead with a test drive with two of NauticEd’s free online sailing courses NOW

International Yacht Charter Training

We specialize in bareboat charter skipper training. Our Master class starts you off with the NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of eLearning courses. Our on-the-water Mastery training program works specifically on the skills needed to bareboat charter. Docking large keelboat, picking up mooring balls with ease, Mediterranean Mooring styles, heavy weather, reefing down, anchoring at various depths with a chain rode, navigation with a chart plotter, care needed around electric winches, dual helm management, crew leadership among many others. Our graduation is with an assessment of your bareboat charter skills, if you need improvement we will design a remediation plan to get you to the competence level you need to be.

The NauticEd program provides you with a free electronic logbook where you enter all your past sailing history as well as ongoing experience and where your instructors digitally sign your assessments. Along with your eLearning courses, the software builds your charter ready sailing resume. You just click a button and your resume can be digitally transferred to any charter company in the world. It’s the 21st century way of doing things. Yacht charter companies worldwide know and trust NauticEd to deliver competent charter-ready clients.

You can even get an International Sailing License. The NauticEd program combined with our on-the-water assessment will allow you to earn the Bareboat Charter Master Certificate and the SLC. The SLC license is accepted by every yacht charter company and port authority worldwide, including the Mediterranean, as a valid skippers license able to charter bareboat yachts in their waters.  Companies such as The Moorings, Sunsail, and Dream Yacht Charter all recommend NauticEd as their first “goto” to gain an international sailing license. AND what is even better, our NauticEd affiliated yacht charter agency can find you the perfect yacht at no fee for where ever you might be dreaming about when you are ready.

Go ahead with a test drive with two of NauticEd’s free online sailing courses NOW

Train Local for Sailing Competency

You don’t have to go abroad to be a safe sailor, we’re here to apply all our training knowledge to help you gain general sailing mastery. We start you out with the Skipper training program under the NauticEd standards for large keelboat sailing competency. As you grow your skillset and knowledge, you’re also developing your own mastery in sailing. Whether your goal is to become a more competent big keelboat sailor, or you’re looking further afield…we are ready to help you along the way.


Our Integrated approach to mastery is what sets the learning experience on Waiaroha ahead of anyone else. Mastery requires EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS. This can only be gained over time. Joining our integrated program allows you time on Waiaroha all to yourself (with your friends, family, or business associates) under an exclusive club type membership program, all the while having access to on-demand professional trainers and additional access to the NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master eLearning program. This mastery program is self-paced and designed so that you can achieve your goals. If it’s the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or the Pacific you’re yearning for, this is the option for you. LEARN – GAIN EXPERIENCE – LEARN MORE – GAIN MORE EXPERIENCE … RINSE AND REPEAT -> MASTERY

With access to custom 1 on 1 training designed to help you gain confidence and experience as a bareboat charter captain on sailboats boats up to 51ft+, you will build the competency and resume necessary to have a wonderful sailing experience with your friends and family in your dream destination. Example topics covered include: picking up a mooring ball, Mediterranean mooring, advanced navigation, provisioning, training and evaluating your crew, dealing with emergencies underway and more.

Step 1: Join!

Step 2: Get experience

Step 3: Get Training

Step 4: Charter in your dream location

Step 5: Rinse and repeat